No This is Not That

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No, This is Not That

‘The Secret? Law of Attraction? Positive Thinking? Visualization?
Affirmations? Goal Setting? Forgiveness? Personal Development? No and it’s not prayer or meditation either.’

‘So what is this new-fangled approach to living a better life, relieving stress and attaining more peace of mind?’

‘Oh yes, it’s not about self improvement either.’

‘Okay, okay so what is it?’

‘You’ve heard about Self Realization, right? Well, it’s not that as well.’

‘Dang, what the heck is it?. You keep harping on what it’s not. Think you can break away from that pattern and tell me exactly what it is?’

‘Let’s see. Okay, it’s more akin to ‘no-self realization.’

‘There you go again telling me what it’s not.’

‘No, no I’m on track here. I’m just saying that it is more like no-self realization. Let me explain.’

‘Oh god, are you sure about that. I can hardly wait. Get on with it; please.’

‘Okay here we go.’

‘Thank God.’

‘We each carry an idea of the self that we think we are. We have messages given to us by our society, parents, teachers and peers. We develop ways of being in the world to get along and get ahead. Often times we develop defenses from the hurts and mistreatment we sometimes encountered. By the way this is not therapy either.

‘There you go again. Come on, get on with it. I’m interested in this new-fangled process you’re talking about. You know, only because I can see how it’s helped you. You seem more peaceful, happier with yourself and others too. You are much more outgoing, relaxed and energetic. Whatever you got I want some of it.’

‘Hey, I’m glad you can see how I’m being different. The thing is though I’ve only ‘got’ what was already present. This undertaking is in the releasing, accepting and the resulting openness that occurs from that. You’ll see. Okay, where was I? Oh Yes, so we grow up in the best of times and the worst of times. The first thing we look at in doing this work is the deficiency stories we hold about ourselves. Sometimes we feel like a loser, or inadequate, not good or worthy enough. We feel like something is wrong with us and we fail sometimes miserably because we hold ourselves in low esteem. So we’re about looking for the one who is a failure, shy, not smart, powerless, unloved, unsafe, stupid, imperfect and so on.

Now the interesting part is in two things. One is, this identity we carry is constructed via Words, Pictures, Feelings and Sensations. These components we think is a noun, i.e. a person; when in actuality you are a verb. We discover that who we think we are is in fact simply an activity of mind.

The second most interesting thing is: When looking at the words, images and sensations we do not find the one who is unlovable; a jerk, a loser, etc. We look and we do not find. Thus no-self realization.

That’s all you need to know for now. Experience is the best teacher. Are you ready to experience no-self-realization?’

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