Empty and Meaningless

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Empty and Meaningless
~~~By Hattie M Pembrook

“There is nothing sweeter than seeing the emptiness of all things.”
~~~Scott Kiloby

It was back in the 80’s when I attended Werner Erhard’s ‘The Forum that I first heard the term ‘Empty & Meaningless’ .It was the last day of a two weekend experience. The Forum leader drew a large circle on the big black board he used throughout the event. It was there that he wrote the words that would have me immediately drop my poor-me story and stand in the gap of past and future; tasting the sweetness and freedom of the present moment.

“Life is Empty and Meaningless,” he scribed inside the huge circle he drew with perfect precision. Immediately, my poor-me victim story vanished. I stood in the gap where neither past nor future lived. Life was ‘now’ this present moment. Behind me was a life story of goings-on and meanings I’d falsely created. And in front of me was infinite possibilities unseen, unrehearsed and unleashed. Ahhhh…what sweet nectar of the gods that was.

I had a memory of my life story. The distinction is that I ‘had it.’ It didn’t have me. This is a powerful distinction: I had ‘it.’ It did not have me.

Some people in The Forum were upset and opposed to hearing ‘such nonsense.’ They were offended, riled and perplexed.

I, on the other hand, had a real glimpse of heaven on earth. I was filled with a wonderful peace. It was like the proverbial ‘peace that surpasses all understanding. The ‘mind chatter’ had quieted and only ‘profound peace’ remained. There were no complaints, problems, issues, entanglements, disapprovals, judgments, or angst about anything or anyone. I was truly, “resting in peace.’

Some people wake up from the bondage of misinformation and limitation and never go back to the illusory dream state of buying into thoughts, feelings and sensations as the real world. Then there are those, like me, who waver and wander back into the dream state where the false identities become the place from which we mistakenly view ourselves and others.

I love the premise that Life is Empty and Meaningless. AND It doesn’t mean anything that it is empty and meaningless.

When I live this statement what falls away is all the useless items the Ego Mind is attached to as ‘reality.’ Empty and Meaningless point to the illusive nature of our thoughts, feelings, sensations and beliefs we tenaciously identify with and as ourselves.

As “A Course in Miracles” states, ‘We give everything all the meaning it has.’

The ‘Course’ also says, “God did not create a meaningless world.” As we see through the illusory nature of our finiteness and our separate limited identities; behold………the magnificence, beauty and connectedness to all of life is revealed.

It would be many years later before I happened upon the teachings of Scott Kiloby. Yes, yes, yes, my heart sings once again. Here and now is a method where I can peel away the thoughts, images, feelings and sensation I take to be ‘me,’ especially the me that feels deficient or not okay in some way. The part that many of us carry around believing’ there’s something wrong with me.’ Even if we carry a ‘something’s wrong with them, it’s just the other side of the same coin.

Like Michelangelo said when he sculpted his beloved David. “You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.” And so it is with the work of Kiloby.  The Living Inquiries enables us to chip away the false hardened places that conceal the essence of our bare and fundamental nature that lies at the core of our spirit and the center of our hearts.

The tough marble when looked at becomes malleable, accepted and dissolved by its own receptivity.

In Kiloby’s methodology we look at the coarse marble of thoughts, words, images, feelings, sensations, memories and beliefs. In the looking is where we find the unfindable. In the looking we find the absence of that which we seek to find. What a paradox, huh? Sometimes seek and ye shall not find is appro-pro. Look and see for yourself.

Seek and ye shall not find. Knock and the door will reveal that it’s been unlocked all the time. Look for the door……..you will not find it either. Crazy stuff?

Recognize your essence as spacious awareness. Here is where your true identity lies.

”This is an invitation to realize that the wholeness and healing that we seek are already here. When we make this discovery, we find that love, peace, compassion, and wisdom are naturally present. The key is to recognize this treasure.”  ~~Scott Kiloby

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