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Me and Scott

Hattie and Scott


 About Hattie

 Scott Kiloby personally trained Hattie and she is a Certified Living Inquiries    Facilitator in this unique work.  The Living Inquiries help people see through the sense of a deficient self as it shows up in relationship.  The sense that we are ‘not good enough,’  ‘smart enough’ or ‘unlovable’ or some other deficiency creates disharmony and struggle in our interactions with others. 

 We often point outward or seek outside ourselves to find happiness, love, and acceptance, only to find the same struggles happening over and over.  Scott says that we have to look inward first and see that there is no deficient self.  The deficient self is just an old script we have been carrying around.  It is not who or what we are.  That seeing naturally harmonizes our relationships.   www.kiloby.com

You will see how this simple inquiry brings people back to their direct experience, which always reveals that liberation is right here, right now.

 Scott Kiloby is a noted author and international speaker who gives talks or meeting around the U.S. and internationally.  He has developed an inquiry that leaves you surrendered in the flow of the present moment, feeling complete and whole in your experience.


What others are saying about Hattie

“Some people have a natural capacity to make you feel so at ease, that you can’t help but fall in total surrender into their warm embrace, free to fully experience your deepest pain, and the most profound love.  Hattie is one of those people.  Whatever appears in a session, she is right there with you, along for the ride.  You are completely safe in her very capable, loving hands.”
~~~Julianne Eanniello, Senior Living Inquiries Facilitator and Trainer


“Hattie Pembrook is one of the most insightful, provocative and talented facilitators in the field of spiritual consciousness growth.  She teaches people methods that enrich and empower their personal lives.”
~~~Les Brown, Motivational Speaker, Author


“Thank you Hattie for the amazing inquiry last week.  I could feel your compassion, patience and diligence during the whole session.  All the time I felt very comfortable and once more I was astonished to realize it is not me but an image / sensation I hung into.  Love,”   Annatina, Switzerland


“Hattie truly helps people to uncover the false ideas they may have about themselves and leads them to a clearer realization of their divine nature.”       ~~~Reverend Phil Schlaefer, Unity of Bonita Springs, Florida


“Being a non-native English speaker I was a bit nervous before we started our sessions. But my excitement left very soon when listened to Hatties’ inquiries and felt her heartiness and empathy . Hattie made me feel easy and guided me into new experiences. We had an inspiring session and now I am feeling peaceful and calm.  Thank you Hattie.”   ………… Claudia —-Germany


“Hattie is a guiding light, forever shining and pointing us toward our greatness.  Let her help awaken you as she has helped awaken me…many times….through her love for humanity, her love for truth and her love for awakening ideas.”
~~~~~ Dolores ‘DeeJazz’ Jackson,  Composer/Songwriter, Raleigh, NC


“I have found Hattie Pembrook to be extremely comfortable to be with in the facilitation process and felt I could bring every issue to her.  She is compassionate and accepting and I have never felt made wrong by her.  It is obvious she has done her own deep work to be so completely with me when I look at the deep, scary stuff”. ~~~Alice Morris, Mandan, USA

“Hattie Mae, You Sparkle, you have Magic in you.”   ~~~Carolyn Myss

“I just had a session with Hattie – she is just such a lovely woman with great charisma.  I felt safe and supported all the way and she was just so persevering in guiding me into the sensations in the body and STAY there even that I just wanted to run away.
And she said so many beautiful Words about natural rest that it just brought me back into rest, from the busy and roaring mind that had tormented me for days.    Lots of love to you Hattie”  ~~~~ Bente ——Denmark    

“Hattie is the best facilitator I have experienced with the Living inquiries.
Our sessions were fantastic experiences – seemingly effortlessly, being guided, so deep.
I can’t recommend her sessions enough.   They are also such fun!  Cheers,”
~~~~Andy Heap, ~~~~~ New Zealand

“Hi Dear Hattie,

I wanted to let you know that it was wonderful to have a session with you, and things became so clear for me.
I could have sat there for a lot more hours with you in silence, because it felt wonderful and peaceful, peaceful in my fear, feeling my anger and resentment towards what I am not.   You were really there with me in spite of all the chaos.  Love and peace to you Hattie. It was wonderful to meet you.”    ~~~~~ Annemarie Aooft  ~~~Amsterdam, Netherlands